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Media Interview
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Election Campaign

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” 

     – Mark Twain

  • Messaging & MindMapping

  • Speeches and Conferences

  • Meetings and Roadshows

  • Media Coaching

  • Q&A Drills

  • Issues Management

  • Crisis Preparedness

  • Copy-writing 

  • Graphic Design


Working closely with executives and their communications teams, our goal is to help each professional become a better and more comfortable communicator.  Using our own scrupulous method for message development, we rehearse and work with you to refine your delivery for whatever venue your event is planned. 


Since 1990, Chodorow Associates has been helping all kinds of businesses –– public and private companies, startups, professional associations, public agencies, and not-for-profits.  We specialize in sensitive and complex issues in technology, medicine, biotech, pharmaceutical, transportation, finance, education and the arts.  


“Marc is a top notch media training coach.  He works his magic among top executives and gets them super tuned up and ready for executive speaking and media interviews.”

     –  VP Marketing, major telecom  


“Marc is a fantastic teacher and communications coach. The art of storytelling is critical for all walks of life, especially for investors and founders who regularly tell their stories to customers, partners, recruits, investors and the media. Marc’s belief is that anyone should be able to understand and explain what they are doing.”

     –  Partner, Venture Capital Fund   







CSX Transportation

CP Rail

Canadian National

Refactor Capital




Trace Genomics

Juvena Therapeutics

Uniform Teeth


National Fire Adjustment Co.

HealthNow New York

BlueCross BlueShield

Edwards Lifesciences



Dick Clark Productions

Buffalo Public Schools

Michlalah Jerusalem College

Message Development


Our MindMapping methodology quickly and effectively gets thoughts from your head onto a whiteboard. Then we create a plan for how to best deliver it.  


We Work with You To:

      • Understand audiences and their interests 

      • Use MindMapping to get organized and stay focused

      • Plan communications strategically

      • Develop memorable messages with quotable quotes

      • Create speeches, presentations, powerpoint decks

      • Prepare for or manage a crisis

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  

    – Albert Einstein

Speech & Presentation Coaching

First, we help you craft your presentation. Then, coaching

addresses each participant’s needs and expertise to help them achieve their goals and beat the challenges of each event.


We Work with You To:

     • Relax when nervous

     • Maintain control under pressure 

     • Keep proper pacing 

     • Deliver solid, powerful messages

     • Use visual aids and props effectively

     • Deal with dissenters and interruptions

     • Use a teleprompter

     • Prepare for financial analyst and shareholder        

       meetings, roadshows, product launches, staff or board                presentations​


Media Readiness Coaching


Dealing with the media can be frightening.  Going it alone is like walking into a courtroom without an attorney.  A lot is at stake in the “court of public opinion.”  


We Work with You To:

     • Deliver solid messages within media time constraints

     • Get quoted positively and accurately

     • Answer tough questions effectively

     • Stay in control while showing confidence

     • Prepare for interviews with local or national media,                  wire services, trade press, media tours, press  


Put the pieces 
together the right way.
Be prepared for every communications event.

Concierge Coaching

Turtle Pieces

In business, communications issues often come up suddenly.  Even with the best advance planning, there are times when last-minute help is needed. That's when  Concierge Coaching helps put the pieces together. We're there for youwhenever you need counsel. It’s like having your own personal coach or concierge physician for communications. 

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